Jasco Quiet Touch & Classic Tackboard Fabric Warranty

Jasco manufacturing products are warranted for one year from the date of installation against warping, shrinking, or fabric delamination as a direct result of defects in material or factory workmanship.

The following conditions must exist or this warranty is nullified:

A. The material must be installed in accordance with all applicable Jasco specifications in effect at the time of installation.
B. Before materials are installed, they shall be permitted to reach room temperature and have stabilized moisture content.
C. Installation shall be done in areas that are dry, clean, and environmentally controlled.
D. The product shall not be exposed to direct moisture in the form of building leaks or temperature and humidity conditions that causing condensation to occur on the panel during or after installation.

Should the Jasco material warp, shrink, or delaminate as described above, written notice within thirty days after first observing such fact must be given to Jasco. The material will be repaired or replaced with equal or similar material at Jasco’s expense.

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