Product Description and Uses

JASCO Gypsum ceiling panels combine the fire and sound resistant qualities of gypsum substrate with the durability and washability of a vinyl finish. They are ideally suited for a variety of lay-in applications including parking garages, warehouses, and food handling areas. The scrubable white 2-mil vinyl face provides a bright cleanable surface that is USDA and FDA approved for use in food related areas. Each " panel has square edges for easy installation in suspended grid assemblies. The edge can be sealed if necessary for dust free areas.


The product is not to be used in direct contact with water or in high moisture areas.

Hold down clips are not required for assemblies incorporating panels weighing not less than one pound per square foot. (UL Fire Resistance Directory)

Jasco offers a ten year No-Sag warranty

Product Information

  1. Sizes: 1/2" x 2' x 2', 1/2" x 2' x 4'
  2. Weight: 1.9 lbs/sqft
  3. Edges: Square-unsealed, Square-sealed with polyurethane
  4. Pattern: Stipple
  5. Colors: White   Other colors available by quote

Substrate meets ASTM C36 and Federal Specifications SS-L-30D, Type III, Class 3, Form A Vinyl Surface meets ASTM E-84, UL FILE R-5849


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Ten Year No-Sag Warranty
for Jasco Vinyl Laminated
Gypsum Ceiling Panels

Jasco Manufacturing guarantees the " vinyl laminated gypsum ceiling panels shall be free from sagging or warping as a direct result of defects in material or factory workmanship for ten years from the date of installation of the ceiling material, subject to the conditions set forth below: 

  • The material shall be installed in the accordance with all applicable Jasco specifications in effect at the time of the installation
  • Installation shall be done in areas free from excessive humidity, chemical fumes, freezing temperature, and vibration
  • The product shall not be subjected to direct moisture in the form of building leaks or temperature and humidity conditions causing
  • The ceiling material shall not support any other material
  • Prior to installation, the material shall be stored in a dry and clean area enclosed and protected from the elements

Should the Jasco material warp or sag as described above, written notice within thirty days after first observing such fact must be given to Jasco. The material will be replaced with equal or similar material at Jasco's expense.

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